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A monthly adult gathering celebrating brains and brew, presented at a local watering hole by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Learn about current science topics, local and national history, and other brainy subjects, all while enjoying a cool libation at favorite local bar or restaurant. Each first Tuesday of the month we’ll feature guests from a variety of fields with diverse and relevant experience. But don’t expect a one-sided presentation from a lofty, oak-clad podium. Instead you’ll hear from a resident expert in an informal atmosphere where you can interact, ask questions, and share ideas. From first-hand stories of research and discovery, to current topics that challenge our ideas and opinions about the world around us, the Museum’s PUBlic Knowledge happy hours will serve up a frothy combination of brains and brews that’s sure to feed your thirst for knowledge.










Tuesday, March 6 | 7 PM | World of Beer Fort Worth

Hello, Universe: Searching for Life Beyond Earth
Dr. Morgan Rehnberg | Director of Scientific Presentation at the Museum

Our planet teems with life, but the universe around us seems barren. Our bodies are made of the most common cosmic ingredients, yet life seems rare. Our galaxy overflows with planets, so where are all our neighbors? Join astronomer Dr. Morgan Rehnberg to explore these quandaries and ponder what it means to be alive in a vast and violent universe. Will we find evidence for extraterrestrial life in the next century? Is there even any life out there to find? We can’t know for sure, but we can have plenty of fun trying to figure it all out!
Seating is limited. 

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Fun Fact
When established in 1941, the Museum was the first children's museum in Texas and one of the first children's museums in the nation.

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